Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Nothing like being home, being a navigational ape takes you many places but home is always the best. Enjoying reclining in my chair again :)

Glad to Be Home!

Finally Palm Tree picked us up from the airport and we were back on our way home! Can't wait to see Elby this weekend. Palmtree looks well, told me it rained while we were gone and that cousin made crabcakes.

Too Much Resting In Denver

We almost missed the flight when me an the guys started talking to much. We were the last ones to board for Oakland. We ran all the way from gate 57 to 16, it took forever!

Back We Go!

Finally we boarded and I slept a few hours while listening to my ipod. I really like those hits of the 80's when I fly. Also watched that movie where Greg Kinnear is the guy who invented the windshield wiper.

Can't Wait to Get Outta Here!

Got Our Boarding Passes

We are headed back to Denver, I called my palm tree to make sure I'd have a ride home back in Oakland.

Packed Up!

Me an the fellas got packed up and caught a cab to Laguardia to start our long journey home. It sure is cold out here, good thing I was wearing thermals!

Last Day at the Con

We finished strong on Sunday!

Man Do I Like Donuts!

Elby probably wouldn't approve, but i ate like six of these things!

Workin' Hard at the Con

The con flew by pretty quick and everything I did was mostly behind the scenes in the inventory department for Jusscope. But I ate lotsa donuts, so that was pretty good and I got to meet the Honky Tonk Man.

Up Early for NY Comic-Con09!

We got up early everyday at 8am and caught a cab to the Javitts Center. I watched the same tv ads again and again everyday in the cab. "S, ahh whatta ya know.....Shaqtus!"

Can't Sleep

Had a hard time adjusting to the time difference and couldn't sleep, not to mention that our neighbors were really loud and were playing crappy music all night. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours on the sofa chair by the door.

Landing Late in NYC!

We arrived pretty late in NY at LaGuardia airport. It's alot smaller than I thought it would be and the pretzel dogs stand was closed. Bummer!

Back on the Plane to NY!

We got sobered up a little by snorting flavor crystals off a pack of polar ice gum an' hopped back on the plane. I bought a few floaty pens for Ma's collection back home too.

I Miss Elby

In Denver I started to miss Elby.....and my palmtree.

Gettin' Ripped In The Mile High City

It was a long flight, so me and my traveling buddies got plastered then stared out the window at all the lights singing New Edition songs. I forgot the dance moves to NE Heartbreak.

Stop In Denver

Stopped in Denver and had some pizza and a large coke. I miss my palm tree, I hope somebody waters it while I'm gone.

Packin' 4 Business Trip

Went with the company to the NYCC 09 in the Javitts Center. Helped pack up and left Oaktown around 12:30pm Thursday. Next stop Denver...